Eat better, improve your body and manage life’s obstacles with a squad that gets it.

We get it, you need a realistic fitness plan that gets results!

It’s not about slipping into a pair of skinny jeans, either. This is about gaining back control of your life AND your body. Carving out time to take care of yourself is a struggle. But it isn’t impossible and we want to show you how!

The Fit Life Squad is your home for…


Fast and effective workouts.


Sensible nutrition plans and coaching.


A supportive community to keep you going.

The minute you make the commitment to change your life through us, you officially become a member of the Fit Life Squad!


Choose your path.


Book your service.


Get the support and accountability you need.

And, yes…

Be ready for an experience you’ll want to come back to over and over again. That’s what the Squad delivers!

We’re in this together, no matter what. Find the right fit for your life below.



“When I started my fitness journey two years ago, I had a personal desire to get toned and build some muscle. Being a part of the Fit Life Squad, I have not only toned my body, I have transformed my life. “

– Lakeda Williams, Educator


— Virtual Fitness Classes —
Mon + Wed (7:00 – 7:30 AM)

Class Details

Where: Via Facebook

Join the virtual Fit Life Squad online for fat-blasting, total-body workouts that work wherever you are. This is where squad members cheer each other on, participate in nutrition and weight-loss challenges and share the highs and lows of being on a health and fitness journey! Very little equipment required.


Access to a database of 65+, unique workout routines to try on your own time, meal plans and more!

— Virtual Personal Training —
Times Vary | 4 Weeks
Contact Us for Pricing

Class Details

Where: Zoom

Train with a member of our certified training team with web conference workouts. Get an assessment, nutritional guidance, and the accountability you need via text messaging, email, and phone check-ins. We’re in the trenches with you!

One live weekly session. Can be customized depending on your needs.


— On-Site Training —
Times Vary
Prices vary

Class Details

Where: On-Site Training

Get tough-love workouts in person with Coach Stacy J. Mobile services in Laurel/Columbia only. Limited space available, by appointment only.


— Fit Life Nutrition Coaching —
Get a Free, 30-Minute Consultation


Where: TBA

Making smart food choices is by far the most important piece of any fitness plan. Learn how to have a meaningful relationship with food to make your goals achievable. Our online coaching program will help you modify your behavior and create healthful habits to get you the healthy lifestyle you desire.



— Virtual Fitness Classes —
(8) 30-45-min Classes | $59 / Month

Join the virtual Fit Life Squad online for fat-blasting, full-body workouts that work wherever you are. Through all the highs and lows of goal-reaching, we’ve got your back!

— Virtual Private Training —
8 Week Program | $440

We won’t let you fail! Get on board with a tough-love, accountability-driven coach who guides you every step of the way on your fitness journey.

Corporate Services

Imagine your employees taking a break from deadlines to enjoy fresh smoothies and juices or learning about the best nutrients to improve brain productivity. Or perhaps they’re taking in a yoga class to relieve stress or a strength-training circuit class to help them shed pounds, gain strength and improve how they function day to day. Along with our strategic partners, Fit Life services offer your staff the opportunity to be better at work and life with mental health and time-management workshops, fitness and nutrition classes and customized workshops on a range of health conditions from diabetes to heart disease. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Fit Life Wellness Fitness Services

This high-energy class uses a variety of bodyweight-based cardio, calisthenics and plyometrics to help build endurance, increase agility and burn calories. Exercises are completed in intervals, alternating short periods of intense activity with less intense recovery periods. Workout can be modified for all fitness levels. No equipment needed. Class length: 30 minutes


Press & Curl
Burn fat and get toned! Press & Curl guides you through a series of strength exercises using both bodyweight and dumbbells to help build you a better body. Learn proper form, get stronger and unleash the power within you. Class length: 30 minutes


Core Power
A strong core is the answer to less back pain, better mobility, a boost in your balance and an improved posture. This class focuses on a variety of fun and challenging core-related exercises that will change the way you move in your life. Class length: 20 minutes


Total-Body Mix
Get a little bit of it all – cardio, strength and core – in one workout! This class might pair jumping jacks with a bicep curl, followed by a modified plank. The mix changes with each class, but the effectiveness will always be the same — AMAZING! Class length: 40 minutes


Lunch-Time Yoga & Meditation
Increase flexibility, improve breathing, learn balance, gain focus and decrease stress with a yoga session designed for all levels. Class length: 20 minutes

Bring your energy and love for dance to this high-energy class and we’ll always bring the fun. You’ll get lost in the vibes and music and forget you’re exercising. Class length: 30 minutes

Strong by Zumba
This isn’t your typical Zumba class. Instead, this high-intensity interval class syncs high-impact moves to music for a challenging, calorie-blasting workout.

Ask us about our nutrition and wellness services to help meet the needs of your organization.


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